Sunday, September 18, 2011

asimetrik fırfırlı bluz dıy" kendin yap"

We are all giddy and ruffling our feathers to kick off the summer season.  Keeping cool and looking good is easy, breezy and effortless with the help of our light-hearted friend, the ruffle!  Whimsical breaths of girlish charm show a playfulness and elude to an anything-goes-attitude!  Mixing the ruffle with the ever-popular asymmetrical trend results in a summer crush that wont let you down.
Purchase a pack of white tees (the more tees, the more ruffles you can create).  Cut off a few inches from the bottom hem.  The wider the panel, the larger the ruffle. Cut off one sleeve with sharp fabric scissors for the asymmetrical neck.  Scrunch, pin, and sew to the diagonal neckline.  If your tee is too loose around the underarm, add a few stitches or pin it to achieve the perfect fit! 
 bir pazar günü projesi:
sıfır yaka atletten tek omuzlu asimetrik fırfırlı bluz yapabilirsiniz. yapım aşamaları çok basit.

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