6 Nisan 2012 Cuma

DIY: Burberry Yaz_2012 Boncuklu &Topuklu Ayakkabı

SS2012 beaded Burberry shoes
Burberry Yaz_2012 koleksiyonundan boncuk detaylı topuklu ayakkabılardan yapmaya ne dersiniz? 
 Kendinize bir çift ayakkabı süslemek  için yapım aşamaları :
“B” is for beads and Burberry.  The London-town fashion house blew us away with their bold beaded wedges.  Get inspired, get beading, and step into a sunny season with flirty embellishments on your stems. Adding bright beads to a basic wedge will breathe new life into last seasons shoe for this seasons lust-have item.  

To create:  Reach for a wedge.  P.S.- We opted for these fun zig zag wedges.  Collect an assortment of wooden and/or plastic beads in colors and tones that compliment your shoe and personal style.  String beads onto a thin cord, string or ribbon.  Group together strands and double knot to your ankle strap and secure on both sides.  Vary the length slightly, so the beads have a cascading cluster effect!

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